Our services include business management; project management; event management; community engagement; and business development.

Social Media

Our services include looking after your social media on an ad hoc basis to working up a social media plan to deliver over a longer term.

Public Relations

Our services include supporting you when needed, be it a one off feature or as part of a bigger marketing plan we could deliver.


Some of our more frequently asked questions

Most the team have been involved in sports for over 40 years.

We have up to 10 passionate marketing team members.

It is best to connect with us through our contact page.

Due to the depth and quality of our team, we can work with any size of sports organsation, whether as a lead or as part of their internal marketing team.

Active Scotland offer a free listing to all sports clubs. Our event packages start at £30 listings but are more cost effective if an annual subscritpion is taken. Our marketing services are completely dependant on the needs of that organsation which we would be happy to speak with them about.